Printing issues over RDP

I have a user who RDPs into the citrix server at work, who would like to print to her local printer at home over the RDP connection. From my experience their local printer attaches and becomes the default printer automatically. However with this user when she logs in and you check printers you see Printer (on session 2) and also Printer (on session 2) copy 1. And if you log her out and back in you then see copy 1 and copy 2 and the original. If you try to delete the printers from the user's connection OR through administrator RDP session into the same server I am presented with the message "either the printer name was typed incorrectly or the specified printer has lost its connection to the server".

I have only gotten this user's printer to attach correctly once, I fully logged her out, checked printers on server from administrator credentials and the user's printers were gone, then I logged her in and her local printer attached and was the default for her. However after a time her session timed out and reconnecting to the session her printer was no longer default and the copy 2 printer was there (clicking on either presented the same error message).

Terminal services configuration is set up to allow local printers to attach, and I got it to work once. I did change the setting to never time out connections to avoid the issue. But I can't seem to get her local printer to attach again. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance for any help you can provide.
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Hi, what kind of printer is it?

I have had similar problems with obscure printer drivers. From my experience, the only real thing you need to do is make sure the exact driver is on both the server and client machine. (same version, pref installled from the same files)....

A way to test if it is the driver, is to see if you can install a generic microsoft driver on the client. You can find this in the manufacturer 'generic'.....

its a no frills text only driver, see if you can print something from word pad on it on the remote machine, to ensure the driver works, and see if you can do likewise in the citrix session.

Otherwise, you can check the logs when the user logs in and see if there are any printer events.
Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
I've seen this with cheap printers. I think it's called host based print drivers. Hp is known for these in their low end models.
Exactly, and more times than not, replacing the printer with a known compatible model is the only option.  Of course working through various generic drivers, including HP LJ 4, 2100, 4M Plus, etc. is the first route to explore.  If that doesn't work, then replacing the printer is the only alternative.

On the other hand, if the printer model in question has an available driver that is compatible with your server version, then we 'should' be able to get it working, but if not, then it's very likely the printer will need replacing.  And my guess would be that there isn't one, since this is an end-user's home printer.

Here's a link to HP's compatible printer model list.
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MLAN_ConsultingAuthor Commented:
It's a HP laserjet P1006. So I should make sure both client and server are using the generic drive for this model? Where would I specify the printer drive on the server side? When clicking on the printer from the server I get the above stated error message so it won't let me edit options for the printer.

Aaron TomoskySD-WAN SimplifiedCommented:
I don't know your os but the currently available drive from hp fixes issues with deletion network shares an renamed printers not deleting
MLAN_ConsultingAuthor Commented:
Client is running XP pro and server is windows 2003 SP2 enterprise edition.

Thanks i'll check out the link.
as stated in the link, try forcing the laserjet 5 driver..... on the client...... The server should automatically pickup the generic driver and hopefully work.

We used to have an HP LJ P1006 in one of our remote offices, and we did get it working in our environment.  BUT we never found a driver with any performance consistency or reliability, and we experienced the same 'stuck' session printers.  The printer continuously crashed our print spooler more than once a day.  This in turn caused printing to stop for all users on that terminal server.  The alternative was replacing the printer, but this was a printer at work which means the company picked up the tab.  We ended up just adding another small bizhub to our lease for this office.

That being said, the driver that dekkar posted is a lot more current than when we had a go at this, and it looks like some or all of these issues were fixed.  I haven't tested in our environment, and I don't plan to do so. :-)  

But you should be able to get this working.  Firstly, restart your print spooler service, while the user is NOT logged into the server.  Then remove all 'in session' printers.  Afterwards, remove the OLD driver from 'print server properties', and then install the new driver onto the server.

After the new driver is on the server, you'll want to install the new driver onto the end-user's machine as well.  This way the printer driver matches the client's machine <--> to the 2003 server.  Once everything is installed a new, test with an RDP session from the user's machine.  Does the newly installed printer show up as an in session printer?  Log the user out, and take note if the 'in session' printer is removed as expected.

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You MUST use a citrix verfied driver - sites with large farms will have test processes in place for printing as it can be a serious problem.

Switch to a standard PCL: driver - i.e. Laserjet 4, simple yet effective.
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