Executing SQL Task on SSIS Package SQL 2008

I am trying to execute the following stored procedure and I keep getting the following error

SSIS package "procube8.dtsx" starting.
Error: 0xC00291E2 at exec procube prepare starschema, Execute SQL Task: There is an invalid number of result bindings returned for the ResultSetType: "ResultSetType_Rowset".
Task failed: exec procube prepare starschema
SSIS package "procube8.dtsx" finished: Success.

The stored procedure runs okay in query analyser
it is
EXEC dbo.procube_prepare_starschema

I have attached the setup of sql task

Amanda WalshawBusiness Solutions AnalsystAsked:
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Alpesh PatelAssistant ConsultantCommented:
Please make sure parameter you passed in/are correct.
Return type is set to be corrected.
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