Glassfish server won't start up

I get the following error when trying to start up glassfish. I tried it using -domain domain1 as well with the same results.

C:\glassfishv3\bin>asadmin start --verbose
Remote server does not listen for requests on [localhost:4848].
Is the server up?
Unable to get remote commands.
Closest matching local command(s):
Command start failed.


running on
Windows XP 2002 home edition version 2002 service pack 3

I am running AVG and had the windows firewall active. I turned both off and got the same error message.

What am I missing?

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Depends where it's installed. Try searching for jps.exe.
"jps": A  Java tool that lists all JVM processes on the local machine or a remote machine. "jps" tool is distributed as part of the Sun JDK package and represented by the \Progra~1\java\jdk1.6.0_02\bin\jps.exe program file.

Tcpview.exe you have to download from Microsoft:


Two suggestions:
1) in a commandwindow type:  c:>services.msc
  look for the server service. Is it started/autostarted?
  Restart the service.
2) is something blocking the 4848 port?
     Try removing recently installed software.
     Any other local firewall (zonealarm or other), remove it.

alukesAuthor Commented:
I tried restarting the server service, no help.

I turned off AVG and the firewall, no help.

I suspect there is some other SW that is using port 4848. Anyway to tell which one it is? Should the application appear in the windows task manager or in the processes window?   What is the glassfish process called? I don't see anything called glassfish in the application or processes windows.
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alukesAuthor Commented:
It appears that when I start glassfish from the start>all programs>glassfish server open source addition>
start application server, it works. I can open the admin console and things seem to be working.

Strange that it would work that way and not from the command line. I would like to know the process name if you happen to know it.


The windows process would be java.exe.

In a command window try, c:> netstat
You can also use one of the sysinternals tools, like tcpview.exe for example to see which program is actually using port 4848.

You can also use jps to list all the Java processes on you machine. The GlassFish server main class is called ASMain. Try: jps -v


alukesAuthor Commented:
Good info,

what directories contain  jps -v and tcpview.exe so I can go there and run the commands?

alukesAuthor Commented:
Thanks! Very helpful.
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