Mailing list for all the lighting reps

Anyone know where I can go and download a mailing list and phone list of all the lighting reps?
I also would like to have a list on the lighting companies and the sign companies.
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"a mailing list and phone list"

these lists are very valuable items. It is unlikely (read impossible) that you will find a quality one free.
If you google "mailing lists" you will find more offered than you have time to look at. Pick some.
You mean in the world or in one particular city? Are you trying to collect a list to send out advertisements or something?
It's usually illegal to contact all the representatives of a firm directly for solicitation, you need to just send one message per company to the designated contact for whatever it is you are doing. There is no exhaustive list of lighting companies. Your best bet is to use Google to find as many as you want. It will take some time, but if you have a worthwhile idea, then you want to build relationships with these people anyway, not just spam them.
LED_signs_LED_lighting_nenday_comAuthor Commented:
No one ever gave me an answer I could use, No was not the answer, I was looking for.

Thanks anyway, Scott
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"No one ever gave me an answer I could use"
you do not have google?   You could not find a list there?
   Sales Representatives - Find sales reps that sell consumer products.
    Over 3400 clients.¿

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    Electrical Reps West 505 Third Avenue West, Suite 101. Seattle, WA 98119. Phone: (206) 767-7722. Fax: (206) 762-4518. Website: ... - Cached - Similar
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    "EXCELLENCE IN A NEW LIGHT" ... For a complete list go to 48 Hour Quick Ship ... To locate a Sales Representative in your area, please fax or E-mail us ... - Cached - Similar

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You didn't answer any of our questions either. How can we help you if you won't clarify and give more detail?
LED_signs_LED_lighting_nenday_comAuthor Commented:
Well, I had already figured it out too, but he did have some links I did not have.


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