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I have a form where I'll be uploading images. I found a script that will resize the images. This the link to it SimpleImage.php Where on the script can I include this and how? Below is the script I'm using to upload multiple images an d text.


	// image upload folder
    $image_folder = 'images/classified/'; 
	// fieldnames in form
	$all_file_fields = array('image1', 'image2' ,'image3', 'image4');
	// allowed filetypes
	$file_types = array('jpg','gif','png');
	// max filesize 5mb
	$max_size = 5000000;
	$time = time();
	$count = 1;
	foreach($all_file_fields as $fieldname){ 
		if($_FILES[$fieldname]['name'] != ''){
			$type = substr($_FILES[$fieldname]['name'], -3, 3);
			// check filetype
			if(in_array(strtolower($type), $file_types)){
				//check filesize
					$error = "File too big. Max filesize is ".$max_size." MB";
					// new filename	
					$filename = str_replace(' ','',$myusername).'_'.$time.'_'.$count.'.'.$type;
					// move/upload file
					$target_path = $image_folder.basename($filename);
					move_uploaded_file($_FILES[$fieldname]['tmp_name'], $target_path);
					//save array with filenames
					$images[$count] = $image_folder.$filename;
					$count = $count+1;

				}//end if

			}else{ $error = "Please use jpg, gif, png files";
			}//end if
		}//end if
	}//end foreach

if($error != ''){ echo $error;	

/* --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
SAVE TO DATABASE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- */

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PranjalShahConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use the sample usage give at the end of your link or you can call the function inside your for loop, before uploading .
Vimal DMSenior Software EngineerCommented:

Pleases find the attachment for the image re size once you uploaded the images,

These are the functions which i have used to make the image upload and resize - that is crop
genesisvhAuthor Commented:
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