How do I change drive letter names in windows 2008 core server..

I am running 2008 core sever and I need to change drive letter name. How do I do that with out a GUI.
what are the commands I input thanks
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   DISKPART> list volume

 Output is:
         Volume ###  Ltr  Label
         ----------  ---  -----
        Volume 0     C   etc..
        Volume 1     D   etc...

 <look for type DVD-CD to find your drive>
  DISKPART>select volume 1
  DISKPART>assign letter=X


Use the Label command followed by drive letter followed by name.

Example:  label c: Data

The above command changes the C: drive's label to now be Data.
You could use assign command from diskpart utility.
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Rikin ShahMicrosoft Dynamics CRM ConsultantCommented:
explorer648Author Commented:
rikin_shah: I specified that it was 2008 core server.
the above article deals with server 2003 and 2003 has a windows interface. core server does not.
so I have a drive that is called the f drive and I need it to be renamed the e drive and I have a drive that is called the h drive and I need it to be renamed to f drive.
so using the command prompt how do I figure out what volume is what and then what is the symantec for changing the drive letter
explorer648Author Commented:
Dude you saved my sorry butt, your answer was correct and simple to follow thanks for taking the time to answer the question right the first time you rock
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