Facebook bloocked truth http-proxy policy

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We have a Watchguard Firewall XTM 510 with http-proxy policiy enabled for port 80.
All works fine execpt facebook, wich dosen't work truht the http-proxy policy. If we enable the http packet filter policy all works fine but not with the proxy...
We have application control enabled and all facebook apps are allowd, no success...
In the traffic monitor we can't see any blocked packets...

On the http-proxy settings we created exeptions for www.facebook.com and *.facebook.com -> no success

Does anyone know how we can go around the proxy filter for facebook?

thanks in advance

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It should work just prioritize this policy then check it.
Are you able to ping facebook.com?
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May be you should just configure facebook allowed through http filter policy; configure as below:
enabled and allowed; from any-trusted; to all-public-ip-of-facebook [you can let WG do namelookup and add address here]

If you need to establish why http-proxy is not working then enable all logs [allowed/denied];also under HTTP request; general settings; enable Enable logging for reports. Further ensure logging is enabled for Request methods action to take; this would give ample of information.

I would suggest to create a HTTP proxy service exclusively for facebook for troubleshooting to limit the number of logs. You can configure HTTP proxy instead of HTTP filter as explained above.

Please check and update.

Thank you.



I will try to create a additional http filter policy specially for facebook as you descript.

Thanks for your help


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