Outlook 2003 opens to windows taskbar only

I have a client machine which runs Windows 7 and Office 2003.
When we open Office Outlook, it seems to open to the taskbar only,  it will not show up on screen.

Can anyone help resolve?
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Open task manager and make sure Outlook.exe is not running.  If it is kill it.  Next from the run option in the start menu type Outlook.exe /safe.   This will run Outlook in safe mode.  If outlook starts okay then you will need to go into the Tools/Options menu and uninstall some or all of the add-ins.
mbellettyAuthor Commented:
I was able to open in Safe mode.

i went into Tools Options, Other, Adavnced options
i can see Adin manager and com adin
There is one item in Add in manager but it is unticked.
There is no items in com addins

where else should I be looking
Brian GeeCommented:
Another thing to check, right-click on the Outlook shortcut that is being used and go to Properties, Shortcut tab and make sure the Run: option is set to Normal window and not Minimized.
Hi mbelletty,
First check Outlook shortcut placed on (start-->programs-->Microsoft office--> outlook)
Right click on shortcut and check "Run" option, it must be on "Normal Window"

Another option is to use a program called "Attachment Options" you can download it here http://www.slovaktech.com/attachmentoptions.htm
There you will have a option "Minimize to tray"
You need to unchek that option, just follow guide on that page.
You are looking in the right place.  If unchecking Add-ins and Com-add-ins does not fix the problem then I would look to checking the computer for a virus/spyware.  I like using Malewarebytes for this.  

If you are connected to an Exchange server then Outlook is likely in cached mode.  If the .ost file was corrupt I don't think it would cause Outlook to not load in properly, but it would be easy to check.  Turn off cached mode in the account settings and restart Outlook.  If it comes up fine then the .ost file is likely corrupt.  You can delete the .ost file and outlook will rebuild it on its next connect with the Exchange server.  
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