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I have reached my mailbox limit so the time has finally arrived to delete some of my 15,000 emails.

I'd like to keep most if not all emails that were directly sent to me in the To and Cc fields, so I need to find a way to show all emails that don't have my name in these fields so that I can then sort and delete as appropriate. I'd like to sort the results by subject or name to make identification for deletion easier.

I use Outlook 2010.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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smangognaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You don't have to delete e-mails, I suggest you to create archives .pst and esport your e mail sorted by date, I usually archive every year and than create a cpoy of the year for backup purpose, so I don't need to delete E-MAils, just eport from my exchange server, for the Murphy Low, if you delete just an E- Mail over 15.000, Someone will ask you for that specific e-mail...
jarrah10Author Commented:
That is a valid point, and as a result I will look to create archived pst files, so thanks for the suggestion!

I still could do with pruning out corporate waffle emails though so any advice on doing that search would be great thanks.
Yoc can do an advace search an there can choose address field CC or TO an filter all E-mails, wit conditions.
jarrah10Author Commented:
I went for archiving in the end as I couldn't find a decent way to do the search I was after really.
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