How do I set up a new notes user in a new windows xp profile

I am trying to set up a new lotus notes 8.5.2  user on a pc which is part of a network. There is another user profile on this pc which is using notes. When I click the desktop icon there seems to no option to build a new user, so if I access the new users id and put in the password I get the mailbox of the other user.

Urgent help, as I'm sitting here right now, would be much appreciated.
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doninjaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The Notes has probably been installed using the single user option that puts ll the data intoa  single folder on the workstation and ends up sharing the same address book.
The new user window may have appeared due to registry not being complete for the new user.

Best option IMHO for shared machine is to Reinstall notes on the machine using the multi user/Shared option. Copy the existing data folder into the original users profile area User Profile/Local Settings/Application Data/Lotus/Notes/Data
Start notes on a new users and it will create a blank folder and populate with new files.

If not able to reinstall, you will need to create a location document for the new user that points to their mail file on the server. I would guess the current online location document in local names.nsf points to original user.
When users login they can change location Document. So name each online User x online / user y
You can also set in Lotion document (Only for user) which will prevent cross usage.

larsberntropConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Reinstall using multiuser setup is best. But only if the user does not use Domino Designer or the Administration client.
howardlAuthor Commented:
Thanks very much
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