Wsus server

HI I would like to know why is my wsus server not pushing the patches out to other clients.

I have followed all instructions and still unable to figuer out why WSUS not psuhing my patches out?

Is there anything I have to do in the registry?
I and my co worker followed all instructions from microsoft to make sure the Wsus configueration is correct?  still unable to get patches from WSUS serve ?

someone help me out here.
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Ady FootSharePoint ConsultantCommented:
Have you configured group policy to allow clients to register with the WSUS server?  

If I have missed the mark it means I have misunderstood your question - tell me more specifically what is not happening and what steps you have already taken.  Talk me through the details of your setup.
Kruno DžoićSystem EngineerCommented:
have you created group policy rule for WSUS??

is that rule active on computers in domain?? ( run cmd, command gpresult /v )
Have you created the associated Group Policy for WSUS?  If so, try running GPUDATE /FORCE from a client PC.  If it fails, you mave have an issue (check event viewer) which you need to rectify.  Also try the settings for Windows Update, do they say that they are controlled by Group Policy or can you change them?
syedtahaAuthor Commented:
Yes we have configuered the Policy and everything is correct on the server. I also disabled the microsoft udpate site.  do I need to go too the client server and do something there in regedit ?  please let me know?
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