Data Protection is expired on VLS

We have a VLS which we use for our backup. Then there is a copy job that copy data from the VLS to the Cartridges.When I checked the Data Protection on the Virtual Tape the Data Protection is showning Expired. As the backup job is requesting to mount more drives can I recycle those expired virtual drives so it can be used by the backup job?

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.
Infra_SS1Superintendent Service DeliveryAsked:
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Thomas RushCommented:
For problems like this, it can often help to know the backup application (including version number) you're using and the brand and model number of your VLS.

Not knowing specifics, I'll take a guess or two.

There's probably a setting in your backup application that determines when used but expired cartridges are put into the free pool and re-used.   That setting is apparently out-of-whack with what you need it to be.

It might be that you've created two or more media sets, and the cartridges that are expired are not in the correct media set (or pool) that you need for the backups you want to run.  In that case, move them to the right pool, or create new tapes in the appropriate pool.

Last, there's doing it the hard way.  Manually, you could go in and format or erase those expired tapes to guarantee they're in the free pool... the backup application should then grab the tapes newly made blank as needed... but you'll need to repeat this process, whereas my first suggestion would clear things up for all time (if that's the issue).
Infra_SS1Superintendent Service DeliveryAuthor Commented:

What had done was to follow the last option and that was to recycle those tapes that it was trying to write to and then the backup process kicked off and backup was ok then.
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