Amend an Adobe file on IPAD

Dear All

Can someone please tell me what the best App for an IPAD is from my email through the IPAD facility, if I want to amend an Adobe PDF file on my IPAD, then save it and reattach it to my email from my IPAD?

Many Thanks
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You cannot change a pdf on an ipad.

There is software that will allow you to add notes or highlight a pdf (pdf expert our iannotate)
lloydabbertonAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your reply, ideally if I can add notes, strikerhough etc, that would be fine. Can I do this with this App? I will then want to forward that amended PDF via email, is that possible?
Davis McCarnOwnerCommented:
Actually, there are several PDF editors for the iPad.  One of the most popular seems to be iAnnotate:
These are not editors that allow you to change/edit the pdf.  They just allow you to make notes,  highlight, etc.

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