Network performance issues

For the past six months we've been having performance issues on our network.  Last month I thought we tracked down the problem to network cabling issues.  Initially when we replaced the cheap cat5e cables we had with Cat 6 cables on two of our Vmware Vsphere servers the performance issues went away on those two servers.  However, when we replaced the cat5e cables on our SAN arrays the performance issues returned (even though all were running Cat6).

I did some research online and found a couple sites that mentioned Cat6 cables are more prone to interference from power cables that are in close proximity to the network cables.  Our racks are setup with power cables and network cables (Cat6) running in the same cable management channels.  I need expert documentation proving this could be an issue before we can proceed with the next step of re-cabling our racks or purchasing shielded Cat6 cables.

Can anyone tell me if it is a problem having Cat6 and power cables in the same cable management channels.  If so, can you provide documentation stating this?

Thank you!!
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Less interference from network, see:

Now many years ago, probably before CAT 5 even I went through a Cabline School in Minneapolis.
There criteria was:
Avoid Kinks
Avoid Fluroscent Lights
Avoid 120volt line if possible
Avoid stepping on when installing.
IMHO that is still valid today, especially the kinks for CAT6 as it is stiffer than CAT5
Yes sometimes it is a problem. You should try isolate the power cables from the network ones. I also sugest you should try using FTP cable for your network.
Also make sure you don't by cheap Cat6 cables. I remember having to replace every cat6 cable in a SAN because they were flaking out due to being cheap. We put in better quality cables and had no issues afterwards.
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