Which Adobe Program to create a Datasheet?

Trying to figure out what programs people use to create datasheets

Here is an example of a simple datasheet we'd like to create for our products


I know how to create a PDF of course - but the design/columns/etc - where do you put together all of that stuff nicely?
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Adobe InDesign or Adobe Illustrator will do the job for you if you want a professionally created and printed end product. Otherwise you could Microsoft Publisher which is a rudimentry version of InDesign or you could use MS Word if you're really hard pressed. Although its fiddly to design in Word and only produces low res PDFs it can be done.
David BruggeCommented:
wfreemanuk is absolutely right about InDesign.

Agreed, Illustrator can do it also, but all of the powerful tools for this sort of thing are in InDesign.

<<do not accept this comment as a solution, I was just adding my support to wfreemanuk's suggestion>>
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