Using Digitized Forms on a slate/iPad

How can I take a paper form that is used by my client, digitize it (if that is the correct term) and load it onto a slate PC or iPad? I want the user to be able to use a stylus and electronic form instead of the paper form and pen.


I do not want to have to personally recreate his forms in Word or any other application. For one I do not have the time and two he has a lot of forms and this is just one of my clients that are interested in this technology.


The user would fill out his form in the field and then save it and email it back to corporate headquarters where someone else would save the file to a folder on the network. If this file could then be imported into other MS applications such as word or excel that would be all the better.


I am looking for suggestions for both the digitizing process and the laptop/slate/iPad that could accomplish this.


thanks in advance!


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You can create a form on Adobe Acrobat. I guess there is a way to scan the original and create a form in Acrobat. However the results depends on the clarity of the form and the scanning resolution. This form can be configured to send responses via email which can be consolidated via an email id. The responses can be imported into other applications as well.

Since PDF can be opened on ipad, I believe it can be done on ipad. However I haven't put this to test.
slate NOT laptop NOT ipad
RSchiererAuthor Commented:
But can the form once loaded into the device use a stylus to check boxes and write notes on?
You can use your touch or a stylus to check boxes and write notes. You can use PDF Expert App on ipad to fill form. Hope this helps.

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