Burn DVD from AVCHD lite

My point and shoot camera takes great video in AVCHD lite format (resulting in an .mts file).  I am looking for the way to burn this to DVD (not blu-ray) while retaining the highest quality.  I am just looking to make quick compilations of the video files - no editing at this point.   I have several tools for ripping to another format but when I get ready to burn on DVD my software re-encodes (which results in quality degradation).  I am looking for recommended steps to take my video from AVCHD to DVD with the least amount of video quality loss.  I know this will depend on which software you use but I am willing to spend a little on this if needed.  (if not too expensive)
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Chris MillardCommented:
Have a look at ConvertXtoDVD - http://www.vso-software.fr/products/convert_x_to_dvd/ - it can handle plenty of file formats and you can set the output quality. Of course, if you have a big movie and don't want too much loss from compression, then you should look at burning to dual layer DVDs
If your goal is to get Video-DVD then loss in quality is inevitable.
It is given by Video-DVD specification, not software.
The reencoding is needed to convert HD to DVD.
While ConvertXtoDVD is probably one of the best "one-button" solutions it is not free.
DVD Flick is freeware, quality is near what you will get with ConvertX however encoding time is 2-3 times longer.

Hope it helps.
cypsupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks much for the posts.  I do understand the video will need to be re-encoded and quality is limited to the 480 output of the DVD format.  I am just looking for the quickest cleanest process while keeping the best possible quality.  It seems like the best solution would be something that extracted the HD 720 video into a raw or unencoded format and then a single encoding pass to render to DVD.  I was just not sure if this was possible and which tools to use if it is.  I have tools like Roxio, handbrake, windows media encoder, and the software that camera (which will export to mpg).  I have not been able to get the quality I was expecting though.  Just thought I would solicit some advice.  Much appreciated gentlemen.  
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Not sure if ConvertXtoDVD / DVD Flick directly support AVCHD container. If not, you could give a try to tsMuxeR to either demux the elementary streams or remux to MKV container (in both cases there is no encoding - A/V maintained as is). Lately MKV container format becomes widely supported by media-players so if the size of your video allows and you own such media player it might be better to retain the video in HD.
cypsupportAuthor Commented:
Thanks much Igor.  For my personal viewing I will definately keep in HD format..  However I have friends and relatives for which I occassionally want share videos and they need it in DVD format.  I will look into your suggestions this evening.
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