Apply formulas to an Excel 2007 file whose datasource is are 2 joined SQL tables

Hi all.

We have an Excel 2007 file that has various fields which are formulas. We would make the excel file's datasource be 1 SQL tables How can I make the formulas appear for each record pulled from the SQL table automatically without having to go in there and type the formulas for the first row and then copy it down?

Thank you in advance!
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I'd create a new sheet in the workbook.  Make it a table, and use calculated fields referencing the sheet with your query data.
printmediaAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the reply!

So my original data is dynamic so it might change everytime the end user opens the excel file, will your suggestion work? I don't want the end user to have to do anything, simply open the file hit the "refresh" button or whatever and have the data populated and all the fields with the excel formulas filled in.
printmediaAuthor Commented:
So for example the SQL table has the following fields: Item--Qty--Units--AmountSold

The excel file should look like this:

Item--Qty--Excel Formula 1 based on QTY--Units--Excel Formula 2 based on Units--Amount Sold etc.

So when the end user opens the excel file, if there are 5 records in the table then the Excel file will show the 5 records with formulas already calculated. Then if the end user runs it let's say tomorrow maybe there will be 10 records in the SQL table so the Excel file will show the data for 10 records.
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