SQL 2008 Server database backup to be restore on SQL 2008 Express

I received an error while trying to restore a database from SQL 2008 server into SQL 2008 express edition.

The message says that the database used to backup was SQL 10.50.1600 and that I'm trying to restore it in SQL 10.00.2531.

How I could export this database on SQL 2008 server (v. 10.50.1600) to restore it on SQL 2008 express edition (v. 10.00.2531)

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Ephraim WangoyaCommented:

You can not restore a database to an older version of SQL server

Download the newer SQl Server 2008R2 and make sure the database size is less that 10GB as well
you cant restore a database to an older version...

if you database is small and you have access to source database you may use the the database export import wizard to transfer data and tables.
a0k0a7Author Commented:
I have SQl Server 2008R2 installed on the machine the database is 1.5GB

Ryan McCauleyData and Analytics ManagerCommented:
You're attempting to take a backup from SQL 2008 R2 (10.50.1600) and restore it to SQL 2008 (10.00.2531) - in this case, the Express doesn't matter - you can restore databases between any SQL Servers that are the same version. However, despite the similarity in name (SQL 2008 R2 vs. SQL 2008), they're different versions of the application, and backups can't be restored to lower versions.

To move that data back to SQL 2008, you'll have to use the export wizard in SSMS.
a0k0a7Author Commented:
Thanks @ryan I just awarded the points i will give some if i read your post prior that action.
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