separate names in a field with a comma

I have sometimes, not all the times, 2 names in the same field spearated by a comma
How do I create another cell with only the name before the comma?


Giorgio Ferrati, Luca Cordero di Montezemoli

I want to have a cell with only Giorgio Ferrati
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This perhaps?


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Or this to allow for entries without a comma:


Or you could use Text to Columns.
Data-Text to Columns.
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Ups...wrong screenshot! This is the correct one... sorry!
Rob HensonFinance AnalystCommented:
How are the names getting into the same field?

If you correct the error at source, you won't have to amend it using either of the functions quoted above.

Rob H
If you want to do it through VBA, just add this to your code:
Sub NameBeforeComma()

Dim CellCont As String
     'use the cell you want where it says A1
CellCont = Range("A1")
Range("A1") = Left(CellCont, InStr(CellCont, ",") - 1)

End Sub

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Eoin RyanI.T. ContractorCommented:
Here's a volatile function which allows you to use a function name within the sheet itself.

function name is ersplit, change to preference in the VBA function name.

Function erSplit(r1 As Range) As String
' Excel customised function
' -------------------------
' Will return string left of first comma
' inputs: Range to check
' output: String of text left of first comma
' Example: =erSplit(A1)
' Eoin Ryan Aug 08


Dim s1 As String
Dim v1 As Variant

v1 = Split(r1.Value, ",")

If UBound(v1) > 0 Then
    erSplit = v1(0)
    erSplit = r1.Value
End If

End Function

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fitalianoAuthor Commented:
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