SQL Update query to populate cells with extra data


i currently have a mysql database with misc information within. and i am trying to populate the image column with the productcodes column data with an extra field being .jpg

product / productcode / image:
999 / 241441      /            
1016 / 233009 /      

so the above becomes the same as below

product:      productcode:      image:
999            241441            241441.jpg                  
1016            233009            233009.jpg

is there an easy update sql query that can be ran to complete the task? or do i need to go back to the drawing board.

thank you for the help in advance
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Let's try CONCAT function:
update table1 set image = CONCAT(productcode,'.jpg')
You may use this statement:
update table1 set image = productcode+'.jpg'
TG-SteveAuthor Commented:
query seems to run fine but it is not adding the .jpg

if i go into the phpadmin and click edit i can manually type the productcode plus.jpg and it updates fine
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TG-SteveAuthor Commented:
well done jimyx worked great. i know this is being concluded now but i just realised that there is a column next to image named "noimages" which needs flagging with 1 instead of 0 if images have been uploaded. can this be inserted into the same query or does it need running seperatly? i understand if you cannot answer and will open another thread.

kind regards
It can be in the same query:
update table1 set image = CONCAT(productcode,'.jpg'), noimages = '1'

TG-SteveAuthor Commented:
Thanks again jimyx
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