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I have a server which is hosting my site. The domain is registered somewhere else. I asked the register company to point the domain to the DNS server, but instead they pointed to the IP and kept the DNS Servers the same. This was causing problems with my google maps api so I asked them again to point the sites DNS servers. He then basically said no, they wanted to retain DNS control.

I've never really had a problem like this and am having some trouble understanding why they are so hesitant to point to our DNS servers. A I missing something here? The conversation is below. I'm just trying to figure out what retain DNS control means and why they would want to do it?

No thank you.  We will retain DNS control and you can contact us if necessary to make any changes.


Hi Garrett,

It looks like cosadocs.com is pointing to our IP although when I did a whois look up the Name Servers seem to be set up as ns1.ntghosting.com & ns2.ntghosting.com. Would it be possible to change these to dns1.cera.net & dns2.cera.net ?


The DNS records have been created, but just a couple of comments:

1.      cosadocs.com works, but www.cosadocs.com does not.  I’m not sure what www server you are using, but in the world of IIS, you are missing the host header entry for www.cosadocs.com
2.      The title that appears on the tab within IIS still says Welcome to Mid Ohio Surgical Associates
3.      It looks like all of the links on the site are built with www.midohiosurgical.com

Let us know if you need anything else.


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teedo757Connect With a Mentor Commented:
The only reason I can think of is to make it easier to troubleshoot. If the site was pointed to your dns server and you configured it wrong or someone changed something on accident and it caused some problems it would make it more difficult for your hosting company to fix.

I would guess if you pushed hard enough they would give you control but may not offer support for you.
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