Exchange 2003 to 2010 migration questions

I am trying to clarify a few points on our migration to exchange. We currently have three subnets all in one site. This is because all three subnets are connected via a 6mb circuit. Also...we don't really have a front end back end server in the main site has some registry hacks and is set up as a kind of fe/be dual role. That being said we have single 2003 box in each of three sites, Ill be building the cas/ht and mailbox server in the local site that is the ingress for our mail.
1) when I create the CAS and HT I need to create connections for each server
2) when creating the legacy dns namespace how do I do that to each server?
3) is TLS going to be mandatory on the smtp part?
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1.) no, exchange 2010 will create routing group connectors on install when it finds the other servers in AD.
2.) you only need legacy DNS and legacyURL if you intend to use OWA while the exchange servers coexist
3.) no, not mandatory
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