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My wife recently installed IE9 on her Vista laptop; she has Windows Mail (the upgrade of Outlook Express) installed and uses it for her email.

When she wants to send the link to a page to someone, which she does fairly regularly, there is an option to send mail via Windows Live -- which she does NOT want to do; she wants to use her normal email program for that. In the Internet Options, it shows Windows Mail as the default (and only) email program.

What steps do we need to take to get her emails sent the way she wants?
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Eric AKA NetminderAsked:
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Jackie ManCommented:
Th info below is useful for you.

"To view sent link by email follow the steps below:

a)      Press “Alt” on your keyboard.

b)      Click on File -> Send

c)       You will find two option “Page by email” and “link by email”

Alternatively, to get the option "Send link by email",

Click on view >> Toolbars >> Command bar.

Under the Page option, you will get the option "Send link by email".

If the option is grayed out:

You need to go to TOOLS->INTERNET OPTIONS->PROGRAMS (tab)->INTERNET PROGRAMS->SET PROGRAMS->SET PROGRAM ACCESS AND COMPUTER DEFAULTS->CUSTOM->CHOOSE A DEFAULT EMAIL PROGRAM-> and select your email program there. If you leave it as "use my default email program", you won't get those choices."

Eric AKA NetminderAuthor Commented:
You have saved me infinite grief; in addition to solving the email problem, you also gave her her toolbar back, which is a huge bonus.


Jackie ManCommented:
Glad to know that you have solved the problem. Cheers!
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