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Our business requires sending bulk messages with the text body and attachment, this is not one time this will be on going with different text on the body of the message and different attachments but the bulk list is more than 50-75 thousand contacts. When we were searching for the solution we got to know some thing called mail merger when we are about to use few started telling this message sending from mail merger will land in the spam box of the receipt. Please suggest is it true. Also please suggest what will be the best method to do this job.
1. Is there any software available to do this if open source it will be really really great if not please suggest the commercial software please help us in this regard.

For your reference as of now our mail service is outsourced and we have local fecthing server linux box does this fecthing job.Please help.

Thanks in advance.
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These guys are all pretty good

I'll let someone else answer on software to manage it yourself.
Have you thought of outsourcing it?

There are companies which specialise in this and report when or if emails are opened, what people click on in the mail, rejected addresses...etc
D_wathiAuthor Commented:
Please help me in the best option, if the outsourcing is the best then will go for it , please help us by giving the good companies name so that we will contact them and outsource

2.Also if any software available for the purchase please suggest.

Thanks in advance.
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