Excel 2003 Datepicker functionality without Install

I'm building a form on Excel 2003 for clients whose IT department enforces restrictions on what their users' can do with their computers.  The clients don't have access to modify their system32 folder or make changes to their registry.

They have requested that the date fields be controlled by a datepicker interface.  I'm aware of a solution that involves placing an .ocx file in the System32 folder and updating the registry.  Is there a solution to this issue that would accommodate the client's restrictions but allow similar functionality?
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VanirMISConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Thank you both for your responses.  I'm going to stick with Calendar Control 11.0.

Microsoft support verifies rorya's statement that MonthView is part of MSCOMCT2.ocx (http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa276348(v=vs.60).aspx)

And since MSCOMCT2.ocx is no longer included with Microsoft Office XP Developer (http://support.microsoft.com/kb/297381) I'll have to avoid this solution.

Again, your input is very much appreciated.
TommySzalapskiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you tried the Microsoft MonthView control? Unless they are using an odd custom install of Office it should be in there already. I always use it over DTPicker for that very reason.
That said. You could use your previous solution and just put the ocx somewhere other than the system32 folder. You would just have to type the whole path in the regsvr32 line. They might not have permissions on the LOCAL MACHINE registry hive, but they have to be able to change their CURRENT_USER one or almost no major applications will work properly. They might be able to register the ocx for just their username.
I would still use the MonthView control though.
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VanirMISAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the suggestions.  I decided to pursue your original suggestion since it's the route that requires the least support.

I didn't find a MonthView control, but after further research I found that by setting a reference to Active Setup Control Library a reference was also set to Microsoft Calendar Control 11.0 which allowed me to place a similar control (Calendar Control 11.0) in the spreadsheet form.  I will have to verify that this works with the client, but in case they have a similar set up to yours,  I would still like to know if there's a reference I need to set to have access to the MonthView control.  I wasn't able to find a corresponding reference.  I am currently building the form on Excel 2003 SP3.
I hit 'More Controls' and I scroll down to 'Microsoft MonthView Control 6.0.' It's right before all the Microsoft Office ... controls.
Rory ArchibaldConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The MonthView control is part of MSCOMCT2.ocx I believe.
VanirMISAuthor Commented:
After doing my own research I found that the MonthView control is no longer included in the standard Excel 2003 install.  Rorya somewhat verified this fact and his claim was confirmed by Microsoft.  However, TommySzalapski and rorya's comments set me on the right path to find my answer; hence the B, rather than C rating.
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