How do I prevent OpenVPN from changing my default gateway?

Hi, i have a question about routing and OpenVPN.

I have an OpenVPN server account from a provider that I use as a VPN-solution. I have no control over the OpenVPN-server. I use Tunnelblick on OSX but I believe this is a pretty generic OpenVPN question. The server pushes some settings to my client and amongst other stuff it sends the "redirect-gateway def1" command which prevents OpenVPN from changing my default gateway but instead adds more specific routes so that my internet connection always uses the OpenVPN-server.

Connected to the server, a netstat -nr returns this:

0/1                  UGSc          18      0    tun0
default     UGSc          2        0     en1
10.9/16         UGSc          28      0    tun0         UH              2        0    tun0 is my ordinary gateway and 0/1 is the OpenVPN-gateway.

But what I want to do is this:

When i connect to the OpenVPN server I want to let all my traffic keep flowing through my ordinary gateway and only add routes for a few specific sites that should go trough the VPN. Since the server connection is activated at system startup I want the VPN to be connected but not used for other than those selected sites. This can be accomplished by changing the routes in OSX terminal manually but i want the OpenVPN client to do it automatically so I dont have to think about it.



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I don't think the client can override settings pushed down by the server.  
guidxAuthor Commented:
Correction, the VPN-gateway is ofc nothing else.

So, can anybody confirm that you can't change settings pushed by server on the client?
guidxAuthor Commented:
Solved it by asking on

Got this answer that worked great:

add "route-nopull" to client config

to stop pulling the routes from the openvpn server; then add the routes that you want routed via the VPN to the client config file using

route a.b.c.d netmask1
route e.f.g.h netmask2

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guidxAuthor Commented:
Correct solution from
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