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Hi all,

I'm trying to use an application to trap and search subjects of inbound email for processing.  The application ( case it matters or you're curious) uses "RegEx" for the string/pattern matching.

Here's an example of a subject being sent in:  Testing Initiated:  SiteA Mail Server

What I need to do is snag the "SiteA" component (this will change from message to message, however the outer boundaries will not...what I mean by that is the inbound message will always contain  Testing Initiated:  
The message will also always end with   Mail Server

The variable is         SiteA

I've tried a number of strings, but all I ever seem to be able to do is find the beginning of SiteA, or find everything after the :

Can anyone help me out with this?

Thanks in advance
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Try this:
(?<=Testing Initiated:).*(?= Mail Server)
Works here:
Although, do you want to dodge those spaces too? Then use
(?<=Testing Initiated:  ).*(?= Mail Server)

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(Testing Initiated:) (.+) (Mail Server)

$& [Testing Initiated: SiteA Mail Server]
$1 [Testing Initiated:]
$2 [ SiteA]
$3 [Mail Server]
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