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Multiple Hostnames for SQL Server Host

I want to install an SQL instance on a server, lets call it NODE1. Single server for now but I want the option of chaning it into a cluster at a later date, so I was planning to use an additional name for the server, i.e. DATABASE1 (with another IP if needs be).Would this configuration work without any problems?
The idea is if we change it to a cluster later, we add NODE2 and make DATABASE1 the virtual name, meaning we dont need to change all the applications to point to a new server name.
So basically the question is; is it OK to have two hostnames for the same server (via dns) and use SQL without any problems? Any alternatives?
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Darius GhassemCommented:
Yeah you can have two hostnames in DNS. Whatever  you type in for example NODE1 it will resolve to the IP address. The only issue  you might see is  that if you ping by IP address you might get either name NODE1 or Database1 returned.
That's basically what I do. Just make sure that everything references DATABASE1, so you can repoint that to any host/IP in the future.
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