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We have an NSA 2400 Sonicwall Firewall, and we are trying to block the facebook web chat.  Application firewall is set to block this feature, but when they access it via https, the firewall doesn't block it.
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m-batesConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The 2400 doesn't support the SSL-DPI feature that allows the SonicWALL to inspect the encrypted traffic.

As a work-around, I would suggest setting the primary DNS server on the SonicWALL to the same as your clients, probably internal.  Leave a public DNS for a fail-back to contact SonicWALL licensing servers.  Create a rule to block all https traffic to www.facebook.com (as a FQDN address object) or just block all traffic depending on your policies regarding facebook.
Users should then only be able to reach facebook via http and the application firewall can do it's thing.

CascadeDesignsAuthor Commented:
So, is there a way to block the web chat both http and https in Sonicwal NSA 2400.
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