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We have an external HP array with it's controllers in two servers. Once of the servers has an array of 6x72GB drives, one of which has failed. Rather than replace the failed 72GB drive, my client wants to purchase 4x300GB drives to give them more storage for their autocad  drawings. My question is if I replace the 6 72s with 4 300s, will the existing configuration freak out or will it simply adjust to the new disk? Or do I simply delete the current config and create a new one for the larger drives? This array contains no boot partitions. Data can be restored from backups.

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PowerEdgeTechIT ConsultantCommented:
I believe that HP controllers can expand to fit larger drives when you replace a drive at a time, as you proposed ... however, if you only replace 4 of the 6 drives with larger ones, then your array will stay the same size - using the capacity of the smallest disk from all the disks in the array.  So, you have two options:  1. replace all 6 drives, or 2. delete the 6-disk config and configure a new 4-disk config.
Above is correct, even the shrink array option that allows you to remove disks from an array and re-stripe over remaining ones won't work although I suppose they could buy 4 big disks and hire the other two. Anyway shrink is only available on the latest controllers and requires additional license to enable so not really a cheap option.
Gerald ConnollyCommented:
what controller do you have?
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