VFP, Indexing problem

I'm working with VFP 9.0 SP2.  I am working with an order entry system which is giving me an error message when an order is being saved. The message is:

Error building key for index "x:\hdp_lst.cdx" tag "Open"

I don't really know what the error message is telling me other than I have a problem with an Index.

I have tried to reindexing hdp_lst, but it doesn't solve the problem.  What is the correct way to proceed?

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jws2bayConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Ok - I figured out that the error message is

'Error Building Key for Index [table name] tag [tag name]'

I was thinking that "Open" was a condition VFP was telling me about the index.  In this case it is
the name of the tag. I traced the problem down to a change in the default dir statement.  I have rebuilt
the project and the problem looks like it is solved.

I am surprised that there haven't more problems from the error.  I may have some more surprises.

jws2bayAuthor Commented:
I figured out the problem, and there were no answers offered.
We are just volunteers from different time zones and you should not suppose 24 hours support here :-)

But you should probably redesign the index because tags which depend on the default directory are not properly designed.

What is the index expression?
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