Slow response on Network Drive for Windows XP

Have a Windows XP SP3 on a Windows 2003SBS network.  This user ONLY has the issue of when they click on a network mapped folder that has some "size" to it meaning many subfolders and GB's worth of data the response is slow.  If she clicks on a network mapped drive folder that is smaller in nature and not many subfolders the response is normal/fast.  What settings could be tweaked to allow the speed to increase when she clicks on these folders that are large in Data Size and has many subfolders.  I have other XP users in the office that are NOT experiencing this issue -- only this 1 PC.
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citechsolutionsAuthor Commented:
none of the items above fixed.  Just reimaged PC
Michael DyerSenior Systems Support AnalystCommented:
You might look to see if this user has any shortcuts in 'My Network Places'.  These can make network browsing very slow.

If the 'My Network Places' folder contains a shortcut to a network share, then each refresh of the explorer window will attempt to read icon information from every file in the remote location, causing the system to slow to a crawl.

Removing all shortcuts from 'My Network Places' will return the system response to normal.

Every time you open a file via a UNC name, Windows XP will automatically add another shortcut to the 'My Network Places' folder - so the issue tends to get worse over time.

You can prevent the automatic addition of shortcuts by setting
NoRecentDocsNetHood = 1
To me this sounds like an indexing issue.  you may try disabling any indexing software that is installed like Google or Windows indexing and see if this helps.
citechsolutionsAuthor Commented:
There was nothing in My Network Places.  I disabled Windows Search and it made no difference.  

the path pattern is like follows

s:\client files\abc
s:\client files\def
s:\cilent files\ghi   ***where this is the larger amt of data and subfolders

so if the user clicks on My Computer then s:\ then client files they can open abd and def just fine -- it is quick and responds.  when they click on ghi it pauses for about 5 seconds and once the folder highlights you can click and it will display the subfolders quickly.  If you hit the back -- there will be that same 5 second delay to get back a screen.  

Again -- this is only happening on this XP PC -- other XP PC's have normal response for this same folder.
citechsolutionsAuthor Commented:
easier to just reimage
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