Can a BESAdmin account be migrated backwards from Exch 2010 to 2003?

I have a Exchange 2003 environment with new Exchange 2010 servers set up, all connectors are in place & the 2 exchanges are talking.

We want to move our BESAdmin account over to Exch 2010 but management wants a backout plan in case something goes wrong.

It is possible to move a BESAdmin account back to Exchange 2003 after it has been moved to Exchange 2010?  If not, how would we fall back? Delete the original BESAdmin & create a new BESAdmin account?

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AkhaterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
yes you can move a mailbox back to exchange 2003 from 2010 no problem.

As far as BESAdmin is concerned all you need is to make sure this account has the correct permissions on both exchange 2003 and 2010
MikeConnect With a Mentor IT ProfessionalCommented:
Not only that, make sure you save your settings as well because you may have to re-import them when switching back to 2003
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