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I have a custom built computer raid 1 with windows 7 professional 64-bit. Currently my computer has been degraded, only 1 drive is functional. when i start my computer i get an error 0xc000000e, but i'm able to bypass that. My main issue is I cannot login to my profile. I was able to login to my temp profile, but after i rename the ProfileImagePath file in the registry I cannot login to any profile. Keep in mind that I only have one profie which is also the administrator profile called "Vejay". How can I successfully login to my profile or even the temp profile. Please advise. Thank you.
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I might not know much, but sounds to me like tinkering with the registry isn't a good thing, as there's definitely something you've missed.

How do you mean that you cannot log into the profile? What exactly happens? Also, have you got your Windows 7 DVD?
Wizkid003Author Commented:
my computer boots up to the win 7 login screen with my name vejay and then I type in my password and hit enter and I get "The user profile service failed the logon. User profile cannot be loaded". I do have my Windows 7 DVD
Okay, well, let's attempt something quite basic:
Boot your PC from your Windows 7 DVD. When asked to choose language and regional settings, choose the appropriate ones and click Next. On the next screen, choose Repair option at the bottom left of the window. This will open a new window which will look for your Windows 7 installation. When found, click next.
On the next screen, choose Startup Repair and let Windows do its thing. If this did not solve the issue, repeat the process, but instead choose System Restore and use it to restore your computer to the time the issue did not yet occur.

Can you attempt these and say if any of it helped?
Wizkid003Author Commented:
I already try everything you mention. The repair did not solve the problem and there is no restore point. I just disconnect and reconnect my hard drives and now i am able to boot ino safe mode. what can i try from here
Well, in Safe Mode, are you able to logon as yourself? Are you able to logon as any other administrative user? If not, attempt logging in with the Administrator account, with no password.

Now, if you are unable to log in as an administrator (as it is by default in Disabled state in Windows Vista/7), attempt this workaround:

Start your PC from Windows 7 DVD. Choose the option to repair your computer and let it discover your installation. From the next window, choose command prompt. In the command prompt enter the following line:
net user administrator /active:yes

Now boot your Windows 7 into Safe Mode and log on as the Administrator account. The password should be blank.

From the looks of it, your user profile is corrupt and - unfortunately - there is nothing that may be done about that, as there is no way to repair a corrupt profile. If you are indeed able to log on as an administrative user, you will have to to access the user management console:

Click Start orb > Run and type in MMC. Go to File menu > Add/Remove Snap-In. From the list choose Local Users and Groups and use the Add button to add them to your console. Click OK.

Expand the Local Users and Groups (Local) tree and go to Users. Right click on Users and choose New User. Enter desired username and password and clear User Must Change Password at Next Logon checkbox. Click Create.

Double-click the new user and go to Member Of tab. In the list, click the Users group and click the Remove button. Then click Add and in the new window type Administrators. Click OK twice to change user's membership.

Now logon into the new user and log off it. This will create a new user profile in your C:\Users folder. Now log into the administrative user you previously logged into, open My Computer and navigate to C:\Users\Vejay. Copy all user files from these folders into same folders under your new profile:
Any other folders you see relevant

If you are also using Microsoft Outlook, navigate to C:\Users\Vejay\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook to find your PST files.

(BTW, sorry for long descriptions, you seem to know your way around a PC, I'm just making sure we're not getting lost).

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