Putting Webmin on a subdomain instead of localhost:10000

I'm attempting to move my webmin control panel on to a subdomain instead of the localhost:10000 so I can access it via browser on any machine.

I've been attempting this through the use of mod_proxy but I don't seem to be having any luck finding the proper information on forums.

I currently have the subdomain pointing to the server with an A record. I've also configured an apache virtual directory pointing at the file directory with the 10000 port.

Any ideas would be appreciated, thank you.

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> on to a subdomain instead of the localhost:10000 so I can access it via browser on any machine.
Can you do it via
http://<IP address>:10000/
on different machine but on the same subnet/vlan?

How about on different subnet/vlan
SysAdmin1030Author Commented:
Yes, I can currently access it via browser by https://ipaddress:10000 but I would prefer having the access being domain based if it is possible.
> having the access being domain based
You mean the FQDN like webmin.yourdomain.com:10000 ?
Then add an A record to your DNS server.
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SysAdmin1030Author Commented:
I have an A record in the DNS pointing the subdomain control.domain.com to the IP of the server and I have apache listening on the 10000 port for the host name control.domain.com but I'm getting the default apache "it works" and not webmin.

I'm not sure why...
> I have apache listening on the 10000 port for the host name control.domain.com
Where is the apache installed on?

For DNS subdomain, say your main domain is domain.com
and the subdomain

Then your DNS A record for webmin in subdomain should be
<webmin's hostname>.control.domain.com
isn't it?
SysAdmin1030Author Commented:
An A record can only take one successive subdomain. I can only add <control> to the main domain, I can't add two items.
I got confused.
What is exactly the subdomain?

You can not add other A record in subdomain?
Then why do you want the subdomain?
SysAdmin1030Author Commented:
Here is my situation.

I currently have the following webmin access viewable through this


I would like to set the address of this to control.example.com

Does this make more sense?

Then you just need a A record map to control.example.com

no subdomain.

So you access webmin through

Are you behind NAT/firewall? if so make sure to port forward port 10000 to your webmin server.

Then just add your external ip address to the A record as subdomain.domain.com

and access it as



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