how do i migrate content from jive clearspace to sharepoint

Is there easy way to move content from jive clearspace to SharePoint  services ?  our intranet currently run on jive clearspace. we want move the content to SharePoint and use sharepoint as a internet application .

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zephyr_hex (Megan)DeveloperCommented:
to my knowledge, there is a not an easy migration method.  you will likely need to export your content from jive and import to sharepoint.

there are some ways to import data to sharepoint which may make document migration a little easier.  for example, you can copy/page documents to sharepoint using Explorer View.

also, much of the information in sharepoint is based on a list structure, and you can create lists in sharepoint by importing from Excel.  if it's possible to export from jive to excel, you can probably recreate some content using an import from Excel to sharepoint.
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