Telco Rate Center Maps

We may be relocating our corporate office. Some of the locations we are looking at may be outside our rate center. This is a problem in that if we are not in the same rate center, our DiD blocks are not transferable. We can always call forward the main line, but to do that for all the DiD's is expensive. The thing I'm really worried about is not being able to get another block of "good" DiD's. For example, having 845-5000 is much better than 874-1584. We really had to fight with the telco to get that last time.

If someone knows a legitimate link for the rate center maps , that would be helpful. I'd like to see it for LA and Orange County, California.
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JRSCGIConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Free?  Not necessarily complete or reliable, but you can check this one:
With SIP trunking, some of the old rate center rules and boundaries are changing, so you may want to ask your preferred carrier for a map.
crdixonAuthor Commented:
Thanks, turns out those rate center maps are a closely guarded secret by the telco's
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