Error in lookup

I am getting an error in a field that I'm sure has worked OK in the past. Please can you help spot the problem?

In a certain form I have a computed text field with the formula @If(Consequence_People="Cat 8";@DbLookup("";"";"Default settings";"Safety risk matrix";"Cat8_Inj_Onsite"); and several more similar conditions. It also has a field "Consequence_People" which is a radio button field with values "Cat 8" and other key values.

In the view "Default settings", I have a number of forms, one of which is "Safety risk matrix". In this view there is only one form of this name, and it contains a text field "Cat8_Inj_Onsite" (and others for the other conditions) into which I've entered words. I expect to see these words in the computed field when selecting

Selecting any of the radio button conditions brings up "ERROR: Entry not found in index or view's index not built" in the computed field.

I have made a full index of the database and if I click "View Search" I see "Indexed" on the top line for all views, so I think it's indexed, unless there's more than one index type.

There are several similar lookup systems in the form, and they all bring up this error.
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If you have ruled out any type conflicts (number vs. text in the key field), and you are sure that this document exists, the two most common remaining causes would be (1) the view is not sorted (or the 1st sorted column is a different field) and (2) either the key in the @DbLookup or the keyword in the configuration document contains a character that is not supposed to be there (often a space or enter). Less likely: the document is protected by a readers field.
You might also want to make sure that there isn't a 2nd view with the name "Default settings": your formula might be looking in the wrong view.
Forgot to mention: Notes is nagging about a view index, not the FT index. The view index is built when the view is accessed. View indexes are updated by F9. Other options (controlled from withing the client) are SHIFT + F9 (rebuild current view) or CTRL + SHIFT + F9 (rebuild the ones that are not built yet, update all other views in the database).
@DBLookup,  given a key value, looks in the specified view (or folder) and finds all documents containing the key value in the first sorted column within the view.

So, is the form name you specify ("Safety risk matrix") in the first sorted column in the view, when you look at the view using Designer preview or th Notes client?

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Also check the name of the view
Make sure you don't have a replication conflict on that document type that is returning incorrect/incomplete data.
StuartOrdAuthor Commented:
Thanks all - I've found the error. As usual I'd changed something at some time and failed to see the repercussions until later when I'd forgotten what I'd done previously. The first column in the Default settings view is a field in the form that in this case contains "1. Safety risk matrix", so changing the formula to @If(Consequence_People="Cat 8";@DbLookup("";"";"Default settings";"1. Safety risk matrix";"Cat8_Inj_Onsite"); it works OK. So both CRAK and larsberntrop hit the nail on the head, I'd forgotten about the first column relevence and thought it was looking for the form name.
Many thanks.
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