use one mailbox to receive ALL emails from a person regardless of who they're sent to

We have a person who is sending emails to a number of our solicitors that are not quite spam, but they are certainly a nuisance.
I can block his address completely, but we do act in a matter against him so we actually do need to receive some of his emails.
I would like to setup a new account on our server so that anything and everything from this guy is sent to the new account, regardless of which person(s) in our AD it was addressed to.
How can I do this on the server side?
ReeceICT ConsultantAsked:
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FIrst this can only be done in Exchange 2007, not 2003 or before - completely on the server-side anyways ... If you have exchange 2007 you can setup a Transport Rule ...

IF you are using 2003 or before, there are 2 ways to get what you want to do effectively that I can think of ...

1) Set the auto-forward for all mailboxes to your specific mailbox, and then in that mailbox set a rule to delete all emails that are not from the specific email address you  are looking for ... OR,

2) set a rule in everyone's Outlook to forward the emails from that address to the new account.

The first can be done mostly server side, with only setting up one rule in Outlook for the new mailbox, the other requires setting up the same rule in everyone's outlook ....

Hopefully tho, you have Exchange 2007 or newer ...

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ReeceICT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
no dice!  we have 2003.

What about using Symantec Mail Security for MSE and a content filter?
I've looked in to this but can't set it to forward to an account... only quarantine, delete or log.
There are 3rd party softwares that can do this - what they are I do not know ... your best bet without costing any cash would be to setup the auto-forwards and the single deletion rule then with 2003 ...
ReeceICT ConsultantAuthor Commented:
going with number 2 suggestion from your first post.  There is only about 6 or 7 affected people.  This will be easier than making changes for the other 60 odd accoutns on the exchange.
It's a pity that i couldn't set a rule on the server so that if this guy discovered other addresses on our domain his emails would automatically be filtered.
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