Http://Connect does not work

When I type HTTP://CONNECT, IE fails to connect to the SBS2008 and when I type in "PING CONNECT" in command prompt window, it shows "Pinging connect.DomainName.local []" followed by 4 failed replies.
Background: I originally had this workstation (WIndows 7) connected to SBS2008. Then I created SBS2011 and connected this Workstation to SBS2011. Ran Migration from 2008 to 2011, but decided not to continue with complete migration. So migration stopped in the middle.
I dis-jointed my workstation from SBS2011. Now I have SBS2008 back up again and wanted to join the network (By the way I know how to joiin the domain), but using HTTP://CONNECT.
Somehow my computer looks for old SBS2011with IP address of IP address of current SBS2008 is Where does my computer keep this information?
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it is getting it from DNS ... check your DNS on the server responsible for the domain to ensure that CONNECT points to the proper ip address, and also run an ipconfig /flushdns to get rid of any lingering remains of DNS from the 2011 server ...

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sgleeAuthor Commented:
I turned off SBS2011 ( completely and currently SBS2008 ( is turned on.
I just checked SBS2008 TCP/IP property and it has in preferred DNS server area.
I checked the HOST file in Windows 7 workstation, but there is no such an entry "CONNECT".
So who is keeping & whre this entry "HTTP://CONNECT ---> IP Address of" ?
Check the DNS table on the server, not in the tcp/ip settings .. goto the DNS Manager to check, if nothing is there then you are good on that end and the workstation DNS Cache has the old record still and can be flushed by using the ipconfig /flushdns command from a DOS Prompt in order to get rid of the bad cache entry ... to show you try opening a DOS prompt and do a NSLOOKUP CONNECT command to see what the response is if you are getting instead of .2 then the DNS Cache on the workstation has the old info and is using that and will contiunue to do so until you clear the cache.
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sgleeAuthor Commented:
Also when I type "PING CONNECT" within SBS2008 ( command prompt, I get the same result as when I  did "PING CONNECT" from my Win7 Workstation. It says "Pinging Connect.domainname.local []" which is SBS2011 that no longer exist on the network.
goto a command prompt and type ipconfig /flushdns, then reboot the workstation and go back and see if you are pinging the right address then ...
sgleeAuthor Commented:
OK. here is what I found out:
SBS2008 ( Computer Name: MSS01
SBS2011 ( Computer Name: MSS1

When I typed "nslookup connect", I get the following:

Server:  mss01.mssonline.local
Name:    connect.mssonline.local

Now on the file server SBS2008, I opened DSN Manager  and there are SO MANY references of SBS2011 IP address & NetBIOS computer name in both Forward Lookup Zones and Reverse Lookup Zones - like following:  mss01.mssonline.local.  mss1.mssonline.local.

Should I delete all entries of "  mss1.mssonline.local"?
I think this entry was created during migration process.

I would delete all the references to the 2011 server, and make sure there is a CONNECT entry in the forward lookup zone as an A record set to the 2008 server.
sgleeAuthor Commented:
I thought I deleted a ton of entries with, but it did not work.

Then I revisited DNS Manager and You were right.
DNS/MSS01/Forward Lookup Zones/Mssonline.local, there was an entry "CONNECT HOST(A) Static" and alsi I see every PC name /Host(A) and IP address on the network.
I changed  "CONNECT HOST(A) Static" to " "CONNECT HOST(A) Static" and http://connect works just fine.

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