Login fields and page resets themselves when submit is clicked

I have a website that's been running since January of last year.  Only until this year did a handful of people start having a problem logging in.  They said that they enter in their user ID and Password and when they hit the submit button, the page just resets itself by clearing both fields and the user is not taken into the site.  
Because this is only happening to a few people (out of over 100 users) and it never happened once last year, I am thinking that it is related to an IE8 compatibility issue.  I have asked the people who have experienced this problem what browser version they are using, but no one responded except for one person who said they were using IE8.  I installed IE8 and tested it, but could not repeat the problem.  The affected people state that the problem is intermittent.

So, has anyone else experienced this issue?  Is anyone aware of a compatibility fix for PHP (cookies) and/or SQL with IE8 in this case?  

For testing purposes, I have set up a test id.  Remember that the problem doesn't always happen, which makes it tricky.  User ID:  TestID  Password: 12345

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Do you have a timeout built into the page?  If so, it's possible that the people having the problem are opening the window and not actually using it for a while, then coming back to it, filling in their info, clicking submit... but the page has expired and reloads instead of submitting.
deeayrianAuthor Commented:
I can see where you are coming from but in this case I am quite certain that is not the issue because the site is a voting site and when people are logging in, they are needing to submit their votes before a deadline so they are not usually letting time pass.  They have told me that when it doesn't work, they try it over and over again and the fields just keep clearing themselves each time.  Yet a different week, it will work fine for them.
Ray PaseurCommented:
I can show you a design pattern that works correctly.

Some of the things you may be encountering include (1) IE8 may be cacheing the page unless you have appropriate expiration information in the HTML; (2) the client's use of cookies may interfere with the server's session data; (3) the client may have more than one browser window open and one of the windows is sending an expired cookie.

This latter phenomenon is confounding to developers.  All instance of the browser share the same cookie jar, so there may be something in the way that the session cookies are being set that is not getting the message to the client browser.  I'm just guessing about this - I have not seen the site or the code that handles the login.  But I have seen some oddities with the use of sessions (which imply the use of cookies) and quite frequently the oddities can be traced to having two copies of the browser running at the same time.

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deeayrianAuthor Commented:
Wow Ray, that is a well explained document.  Thank you!  Please give me some time to go through it and compare it to what I have and make any changes necessary.  Then, I will test it and see if anyone has the issue again.  I will definitely get back to you.  Thanks!
Ray PaseurCommented:
Thanks for your kind words.  Please let us know how things come out!
James MurrellProduct SpecialistCommented:
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