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Currently my job requires some ETL software, the requirement is as following:

1. Better to be free, but not essential, small amout of one-off charge is acceptable.
2. Provide good graphical interface for data manipulation and transformation. Limited programming needed - if any programming needed, hope it is easy & simple coding language, or VB based. (I have not experience in Java and Perl)
3. Low requirement on Load - Does not require the LOAD functionality or any direct link to any database. (great additional feature to have but not essential)
4. The data will be loaded from Excel files and XML files (XML not essential), then transform, and load into another Excel file (or XML)
5. support is available. Even if no support exist hope the documentation can be clear.
6. The transformation program will support the following manipulation functions: 1. mapping of 1 column to multiple columns, 2. mapping of N columns from one table to one column, 3. string manipulation, sysdate generation and some simple count/sum arithmetric functions.

Thank you very much!
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Dan MuzrallEHS SpecialistCommented: has always been a great resource for FOSS products. Here's a link for the ETL software hosted on SourceForge:
George K.Commented:
Here is a nice Comparison regarding free ETL tools
ora_cherryAuthor Commented:
Very good ansnwer, I chose Pentaho as my ETL solution. Thank you!
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