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OK I've looked at this too long... I have a menu that the user selects a report type and then opens a report based on that..... Its working great but I wanted to alter is slightly with one query.  As its stands now, it will pull a "daily" report which concists of orders older than 9 days old with a certain order status and if the Outlab and office are not equal to a criteria.  What I would like to alter is keeping it all the same but if the Outlab is MAH, instead of excluding it, I would like to include it in the report but not if more than 9 days from the DOS but 28 days from the DOS.  

Here is the code I"m using now that is working but excludes the MAH lab:

DoCmd.OpenReport "rGeneral", PrintOption, , "((IIf (IsNull([DatePtUpdate]),Now()-[DOS]>9, Now()-[DatePtUpdate]>9) And (tMain.Office) <> ""EWS"" And ((tMain.Outlab) <> ""MAH"" or isNull([tMain.Outlab])) and (tMain.Status) Not In ('Ready for PU','Cancelled')))"

Can someone assist with the code?  Just to sumarize, I'm looking to keep the criteria the same as is, just to add MAH labs not to be excluded but have MAH orders 28 days old (using the same logic)  I hope I am being clear.

I have this working but would like to "clean" it up a bit.

DoCmd.OpenReport "rGeneral", PrintOption, , "((IIf (IsNull([DatePtUpdate]),Now()-[DOS]>9, Now()-[DatePtUpdate]>9) And (tMain.Office) <> ""EWS"" And ((tMain.Outlab) <> ""MAH"" or isNull([tMain.Outlab])) and (tMain.Status) Not In ('Ready for PU','Cancelled') OR ((IIf (IsNull([DatePtUpdate]),Now()-[DOS]>28, Now()-[DatePtUpdate]>28) And (tMain.Office) <> ""EWS"" And ((tMain.Outlab) = ""MAH"" or isNull([tMain.Outlab])) and (tMain.Status) Not In ('Ready for PU','Cancelled')))"

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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Then you must carefully consider your "nesting"

FWIW, if my report criteria was this complex I would consider building the SQL for the report in code...
...or building this as a Filter.

But even before that, I would create a query that returns what I wanted first, *then* creating the report open code should be easy after that.


Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
Let me make sure I understand, the basic recordsource for your report works fine, and returns all records.  

What you want to do is change the WhereCriteria of the OpenReport method from your first line to what is in the 2nd.  It looks like, that is working too, but you just want to "clean that criteria expression up a bit", is that correct?
Dale FyeOwner, Developing Solutions LLCCommented:
When I disected your second criteria string, the only difference I fould was inside the IIF clause.  The first one reads:

IIf (IsNull([DatePtUpdate]),Now()-[DOS]>9, Now()-[DatePtUpdate]>9)

The second reads:

IIf (IsNull([DatePtUpdate]),Now()-[DOS]>28, Now()-[DatePtUpdate]>28)

but the first is just a subset of the second.  Personally, I would get rid of the IIF clause and use:

Now() - NZ([DatePtUpdate], [DOS]) > 28

I would also replace:

((tMain.Outlab) = ""MAH"" or isNull([tMain.Outlab]))


(NZ(tMain.Outlab, ""MAH"") = ""MAH"")

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thandelAuthor Commented:
Thanks to make sure I understand can you provide a completed final line of code?
Qlemo"Batchelor", Developer and EE Topic AdvisorCommented:
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Jeffrey CoachmanMIS LiasonCommented:
Points to fyed
thandelAuthor Commented:
Yes please points to Fyed
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