Oracle Hyperion and Active Directory accounts Issue

Hi Experts,

Need some urgent advise. Currently we are having an issue with Oracle Hyperion and Active Directory accounts whose domain is different from that of where Oracle Hyperion is hosted.

Oracle Hyperion is a web based ERP solution. It has been configured to make use of Active Directory authentication and is hosted in say Domain A. For active directory accounts in Domain A, Oracle Hyperion works well. However, when the active directory is in Domain B, we face a problem that we cannot access the homepage. Authentication was successful and we are also able to execute the functionalities like planning. The only problem is that it just can't seem to access the homepage.

What could be the issue or your suspicion of the problem? Any experts pls advise!

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George K.Commented:
In order to link Windows domains there is also Hyperion remote authentication module.
It is avaialble at  Hyperion download center.

This is usefull for unix users to log in through Ms windows domain.
This is also to be used for users that belong to other Ms Windows domains - not trusted -than Hyperion installation  domain.
George K.Commented:
Have you considered using Micosoft trusted domain feature?

NicksonKohAuthor Commented:
Hi George,

Thx for the input. Domains A and B are trusted domains.
Oracle just got back and fedback it was a Hyperion issue! Really thx.

NicksonKohAuthor Commented:
Was a Hyperion issue which Oracle support has help resolved.
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