Use Laptop As telephone

Is it possible to plug in office phone telephone line into my laptop and pick up calls on my pc?
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brettiehConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This depends on if your modem is voice capable, if you have a direct line (not through a PABX..) and your software.
Your laptop may have software for the modem to allow for phone capability.
You could go for a voip number..Then go nuts :-)
You can always use Voip. and with the right card, you should be able to control a ham radio, sort of like a phone.
dbruntonConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Not necessarily the telephone line.

But if you've got an Internet connection see
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CMDAIAuthor Commented:
Yeah i have skype and google voice, the idea is i dont like the stationary phone on my table and thats the number everyone calls or transfers to, second the fax machine is also a nuisance (yeah i know there is still companies that need me to send fax to them).

I just realized my PC dont have telephone line IN , though to go and buy a USB adapter but not sure if it will work cas i do have PABX.
why PABX an issue?
Jackie ManCommented:
PABX needs special equipment to work with. PABX is proprietary technology and needs to use PABX telephone set of the same brand of the PABX console.

Unless your PABX supports SIP, one of the Voice over IP technology, linking the PABX line to your computer is meaningless.

dhsindyConnect With a Mentor Retired considering supplemental income.Commented:
Beware digital office phones have a higher voltage system.  Years ago, I plugged a digital line in to a card for residential use.  Bye, bye card.
columcusackConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Why not divert your office number to your cell, and connect cell to laptop with bluetooth or phone manufacturer software.  Ovi etc, Android etc etc.  The software usually has a nice,  intuitive and interactive graphical interface to your cell,  texts, e-mails, calls.  Hope it helps.

*21*cell number# send      ->  This will setup the divert from landline, #21#send will cancel

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