Why can firefox get to a website that IE cannot?

On Windows 7 Professional SP1, using Firefox 4, we can get to the following website "https://amps.mpsa.mil". Using IE9 or IE8, we cannot get to the site. I've lowered all of the security setting in IE, as well as adding the site to our trusted sites. We have the DoD Root Certs installed, just in case. I've reinstalled IE. This happens on all of our new Lenovo PCs and Laptops, but a random Dell laptop running XP is able to get to the site running IE8. I've checked an unchecked all versions of TLS and SSL, and also other advanced security settings. I am at a complete loss as to how this is possible. I cannot test using Chrome or Safari. We are behind an ASA and a Cisco 2900 series router, but like I said, on a different hardware/software platform, IE8 does work. We are using McAfee VirusScan, Windows Defender, and Windows Network Firewall. I am attempting to download and install XP Mode Virtual Machine from Microsoft to test with. Screenshot of IE9 attempting "https://amps.mpsa.mil"
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I tested out using both Google Chrome and IE 8. I am able to view the page. Perhaps you would want to try clearing your internet cache and temporary files and try again?

Have you checked the connexion (proxy, bypass etc...) config in IE?
firefox has his own proxy and connexion properties
Dave BaldwinFixer of ProblemsCommented:
IE8, Firefox,  Chrome, Safari,and Opera work for that site for me.  However, the Firefox error console says the site does not support RFC 5746 which is about TLS security loophole that some sites have.
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I have seen issues like this in the past.  The fix was to reset IE settings.
Tools, Internet Options, Advanced Tab
Then Reset.

Worth a shot incase the default config from the supplier has changes something.
jessiewestlakeAuthor Commented:
Vincent and Neuro, those were both good suggestions. I tried both of them. Clearing all of my cache and temporary internet files and also checking my connection settings. Firefox and IE are both set to not use a proxy for any connections. Unfortunately neither of the suggestions solved my problem yet. I'm just curious as to what in IE could be keeping a website from appearing at all, when Firefox displays it perfectly. I've seen where TLS/SSL versions not being selected can affect that, but I've already tried those.

Any other suggestions? I'd be happy to hear and try anything that comes across your mind. I'm going to try disabling all add-ons in IE and try a few more things. I'll keep you posted.
Hi Jessie,

This could be worth a try:

Please try and install the microsoft let me fix it and see. Thank you, keep the postings...if there is anything new you have tried, we can help to support you.

jessiewestlakeAuthor Commented:
Vincent and lapsa22, I've tried out both of your suggestions to no avail. I had already tired to reset my IE settings to default, and it claimed success, but did not affect my issue. This is really starting to irk me, as I know it has to be some sort of misconfigured setting. Thank you again for all of your suggestions.

I can confirm the issue lays within some piece of software on the PCs, as I was able to get to the site running IE7 on an XP virtual machine running on one of the affected clients. I am running Windows 7 Pro, but installed "XP Mode" on Windows Virtual Machine, and it worked just fine on that virtual XP machine.

Is anyone else who is able to get to the site running Windows 7? Screenshot of https://amps.mpsa.mil running on an XP Virtual Machine
Mike ThomasConsultantCommented:
Has IE been confgured with proxy settings where as FF has not?
Yes can confirm that Windows 7 SP0 can connect to the above website with IE8.
Installing SP1 now to test.
Yes I can confirm that Windows 7 SP1 and IE9 can access the site.
NB:  It is a HP notebook.
You have confirmed that it is not a firewall issue.  The Dell computer that it works on, does it have the same AntiVirus and other security software installed as the Lenovo's?
if you really want to get to the bottom of this, you may need to install a network monitor and analyse the traffic.  I have been involved with Microsoft on several occasions to resolve networking issues and this is the course they would take.
If you want to try this, let me know and I will post some instructions.
jessiewestlakeAuthor Commented:
Hmmm I turned off Windows Firewall, and uninstalled my antivirus, and I still cannot get to the site.

CNS, what did you have in mind about installing a network monitor?
Sorry if you have miss understood me.  I did not want you to remove your AV but just disable it for testing.
Network Monitor.
Go Here and download the version of network monitor that applies to your version of windows.
Install the software.
Run the software and be ready to run a network capture on your network card.
You can run a test with a site that works.  ie www.google.com 
Start the monitor and open up IE and go to google.  Once the page loads, stop the monitor.
Save the capture.  You can have a look at it.  You will see the various traffic back and forth.
Now do the same thing but just go to the site that is giving you grief instead of google.  Your site will not come up but wait until you get no more traffic in the monitor or you can start to see a reoccuring pattern.
Compare the output of the two captures. It will most likely give you some clues as to where it is breaking.
jessiewestlakeAuthor Commented:
Thank you all for your help. I was finally able to figure out the solution. I will post here for others to benefit from.

There were multiple sites that were not able to be accessed by Internet Explorer. Some of those sites were able to be accessed using Firefox. The solution is as follows.

In SECPOL.msc>LOCAL POLICIES>SECURITY OPTIONS>System cryptography: Use FIPS compliant algorithms for encryption, hashing, and signing

Was set to ENABLED. Needs to be changed to DISABLED.

Once I did that, it worked immediately. Security Setting that caused IE error.

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As odd as it may be!
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