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i have two domain controllers on a windows active directory network. both domain controllers are dns servers, both servers are windows 2003 servers. i want to setup another dns server but it is just a member server, not a domain controller. i have exported a dns zone from one of my domain controllers, but i can't find how to import it to the new dns server. i don't want to do a parent - child thing, i want the new dns server to NOT get updates from the domain controllers. i want it to be a "stand-alone" dns server, but i would like to get all the current dns entries on it to start off. is there a way to do this?
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Darius GhassemCommented:
Not really a native way to import and export but you can try this out to see if it works.

Try this:

Backup the DNS zones: Administrative tools - DNS - then right click on DNS
server name - properties - advanced, then in the drop down box of the label:
Load zone data on startup, change to From File - then click Apply, this will
generate a boot file under windows/system32/dns .... this is the back up of
all zones currently in DNS server, this file to be save as backup file, if
you want to restore them for any reason, just put the Boot file back in
windows/system32/dns and start DNS server service, all zones in that file
would loaded ... is that simple ... not sure why Microsoft does not put this
instruction clearly for users like me so they don't have to waste so much
time searching for answer.

Also, if you don't want all zones, edit the boot file above before importing it to the new server.

Good luck!
an easy way is:
create a powershell script that does the following steps

1. obtain a list of domains from the main server
2. create them as secondaries on the new dns server
3. Force an update/refresh
4. update the domains to primaries on the new server

alternatively i have a vb.net dns library that sould be able to do it quite easily

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JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
TheTechMan - i tried what you said but i got an error, i attached a screen shot of the error. i think it's because we have a few trusts and i can't load from a file. i wish it worked because that looks like the perfect solution for me
i say that Chrissalter because i wish i could script but i never learned how. i even tried to take a class but it was canceled. I would like to learn how to script because it seems like you could do a lot with it. dnserror dnserror
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
sorry, i accidential attached it twice
Leon FesterSenior Solutions ArchitectCommented:
You need to make sure that the DNS is not configured as Active Directory Intergrated.

Here is a simple tutorial how to import a DNS file on a New Server.
I would only change step 5, by creating a file through the export command on the AD-Integrated DNS server
JeffBeallAuthor Commented:
thanks for the help
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