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Windows 7 mapped drive showing offline

I have a laptop running Windows 7.  
The user has the letter E mapped to a folder on the server.  
The folder is set to be available offline.  
Today when the user was working in the office, connected to the network, the mapped E drive started showing up as "offline" with a red X through it,  even though the user was online.
 I know they were online because they had access to other mapped drives that are not set to be available offline.  
After clicking on the mapped E drive, it showed the status to be "online" and the red X went away.  

My question is this: If the drive status is "offline" for any amount of time, do they need to run a sych before leaving the office so all the files are synched between the server and the laptop?
Why was the drive showing the status as "offline"?
Any help is appreciated.
1 Solution

Could you apply the SP1 of Windows 7 ?
I think that SP1 can resolve this issue  - there is some good offline files enhancements in the SP1
hi the drive it's offline, because til you need it, it not connect to the source sharing server. to reduce traffic and I/O unnecessary.

cja-tech-guyAuthor Commented:

OK that it is going offline to reduce I/O traffic, but what about the fact that the mapped folder is set to be available offline?  If drive goes offline, are they then working on local cached files?  Do they need to synchronize before going home or does the local cache and files on server sync in background when drive comes back online?
Any chance he inserted a USB stick, thumb drive, or external drive that took over drive E?  It happens...  If so, I'd change the mapping to a higher letter, or you can go to Computer Management, then Disk Management, and re-assign the letter for the drive.
cja-tech-guyAuthor Commented:
I plugged in a thimb drive and it showed up as F.

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