what type of motherboard will work as a replacement for a HP Pavilion dv9548us Notebook PC?

HP Pavilion dv9548us Notebook PC.
Intel Centrino Duo
Nvidia Graphics
Windows 7 home premium

When turned on, the bios screen is split into 3-4 identical sections. This happens regardless if it shows on the built-in display or an external display. HP says laptop is too old for them to fix...
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edbedbConnect With a Mentor Commented:
your best bet is to have your old one repaired.The cost is well under $100. Select a reputable repair service from this list.

Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Sorry, but I don't think it's worth fixing.  Notebooks use proprietary cases - the only one that's likely to work is one from the same brand and model notebook.  You can check ebay for another similar laptop, but often the CPU will not be replaceable, nor the graphics card, so whatever the one you get off ebay has is likely to be what your stuck with (if you're lucky you get the same or an upgrade - IF you can find one).

Considering the price of machines, a new one is probably a better bet.
BriPCAuthor Commented:
This laptop cost $2000... I know it was getting close to 4 years ago, but it is worth fixing to me if possible..
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I need a little more information.
Does it have a web cam?
Is the CPU Intel or AMD?
The part number for the motherboard? You will find it on a label under the RAM modules. Something like 434660-001
Joseph RuizSystems EngineerCommented:
Viola. The exact same type that was in it before!
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
As I stated: the only one that's likely to work is one from the same brand and model notebook.
I agree with leew, spending $150 on a motherboard(assuming you install it yourself) with a video chipset(8600m) that is known to fail often just isn't a good investment. I'd invest in a new machine $500-$600 would get you a new faster machine that has warranty.
find a replacement motherboard on ebay just be prepared for a lot of work as its not like a desktop motherboard replacement
and if a laptop cost $2000 four years ago its not worth that now so it might be better buying a new one as newer laptops have better ram and faster cpu better screens better battery better hdd etc
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